Neway Excel: a curve fitting program

This is a program for curve fitting data from in sacco degradation and in vitro gas production. It fits a mono-exponential curve:

Y = a + b(1-exp(-ct))

where Y is the amount of nutrient degraded or gas produced at different time t. The program gives fitted parameters a, b and c. Some interpretation of these parameters is also given. It can take data directly from Excel spreadsheet.

Icon Click here to download the program now. (self-extracting archive, 523 K) . The updated version has been tested in newer versions of Excel, 2000, XP and 2003.

Instruction for use

1. Download the file fitcurve6.exe, as above
2. Copy to a subdirectory in your computer, open this file
3. Specify the location to place (or install) the program file
4. Read the user guide fcuve.hlp for details on how to use the program
5. Every time you want to use the program, open the file fcurve6.xlm


If there is a problem or you want to check whether the program works correctly, open the file Test.xls after you have open the fcurve6.xlm, follow the instruction in Test.xls to test whether the program works correctly. If it does not, some possible solutions are provided in the Test.xls file.

Icon Click here to download this test file, Test.xls, now (it is also included in the fitcurve6.exe)

Older version of the curve fitting program

Icon Excel 97 (333 K,, updated 22/5/97) for old version of Excel
Icon Curve fitting program (Naway/Neway) for DOS(53 K, for DOS

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