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Clashindarroch Forest 2007

Our work focuses on the sustainability of rural communities and semi-natural and managed ecosystems as they respond to climate change, including moving to a low-carbon economy, and how these responses will impact on the balance of ecosystem services. The work falls into three broad areas:

  • Impacts: understanding the effects of climate change on fundamental ecosystem functions
  • Human responses: understanding how people’s behaviour may change in response to climate change, both in reducing GHG emissions, and in adapting to the consequences of climate change
  • Ecosystem services: assessing how these human responses will affect the tradeoffs and synergies between ecosystem services, and in turn, how these may influence future human decisions

We aim to provide evidence for sound and robust decision-making by policy-makers, communities, and land-managers.

Click here for a summary of climate change research at Macaulay Land Use Research Institute (PDF, 31KB)


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