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We make every effort to make the results of our research on changing landscapes and land use available to those who will find them useful.

This ranges across the development of novel facilities such as the Virtual Landscape Theatre which allows possible future landscapes to be envisaged, the creation of computer models to allow exploration of alternative land use scenarios, and the creation of relevant data sets which provide the inputs for many of these futuring tools.

Examples of these include:Image showing areas we research in relation to Changing Landscapes

  • The Virtual Landscape Theatre - a mobile environment in which people can explore landscapes of the past, present and future, share opinions, and record preferences using voting handsets.
  • LADSS (Land Allocation Decision Support System) - a model that helps policy-makers and other stakeholders assess what might happen to the way that land managers use their land under different scenarios of environmental, social and economic change.
  • MERES (Modelling Methane Emissions from Rice Ecosystems) - results have provided baseline data to assist rice-growing countries in more accurate accounting of greenhouse gases for national inventories and exploration of mitigation and adaptation options, thereby allowing them to comply with the stipulations of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and begin planning for future climates.
  • Silvopastoral Agroforestry Toolbox - this resource was designed to help farmers, land managers and their advisors assess the potential of sillvopastoral agroforestry as an alternative land use and to provide information on how to manage a silvopastoral agroforestry system.
  • Datasets - comprehensive environmental datasets can be leased on an annual basis. Topics include: :
    • Land Cover Data
    • Land Capability Data


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