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Macaulay Videos currently comprises four educational DVDs which have been commissioned to provide an educational resource to:

  • stimulate debate on climate change
  • explain the complex relationships between ourselves and our precious water resource
  • outline how our Virtual Landscape Theatre helps people to explore landscapes of the past, present and future
  • highlight the comprehensive range of services offered by Macaulay Analytical and the facilities available to undertake these

In addition, in partnership with the Cairngorms Local Outdoor Access Forum, a film was produced to explore a range of perspectives of outdoor access with dogs in the Cairngorms National Park.

Some of our videos are also available to view on YouTubeSubscribe to me on YouTube

Analytical Film linkAssured Analytical Excellence

A new documentary highlighting the services provided by Macaulay Analytical was premiered at the Royal Highland Show 2010.

Presented by Kate MacIntyre, the film outlines the comprehensive range of analytical services offered for the oil and gas, environmental and food sectors and reveals the facilities available to undertake a wide range of analyses related to soils, water and sediments.


Climate change posterChoosing our Tomorrows

  • It is the year 2050.
  • How has society reacted and adapted to climate change?
  • This resource explores what life could be like in 2050 through the video diaries of three members of the same Scottish farming family as they experience three very different futures...


Water Under Pressure posterWater Under Pressure

  • From mountain top to sea, and hydrology to human behaviour, understanding the bigger picture is the best way to stop putting our 'Water Under Pressure'
  • A 40 second trailer and 20 minute film are now available.



Putting People in the Planning Picture video posterVirtual Landscape Theatre (VLT)



For a free DVD copy of the video resources, please email:

Climate change DVD cover
Putting People in the Planning Picture DVD cover
Water Under Pressure DVD cover



Screen shot of Dogs and Outdoor Access videoDogs and Outdoor Access

The film was made as a collaborative project between the Cairngorms Local Outdoor Access Forum and the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute.

  • The purpose of this film is to explore a range of ‘on the ground’ perspectives of outdoor access with dogs, as experienced in the Cairngorms National Park.
  • The aim is to stimulate debate and encourage mutual understanding between different viewpoints, including dog walkers, recreational users, land managers, access professionals and policymakers.


Knowledge Scotland

Screen grab of Knowledge Scotland filmKnowledge Scotland consists of six of Scotland’s top research Institutes – the Macaulay Land Research Institute, Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health, Scottish Crop Research Institute, Scottish Agricultural College, Moredun Research Institute and The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

This collaborative initiative was set up to inform policymakers on a whole range of issues including climate change, sustainable food supplies, land management, control of disease, health and wellbeing and conservation of biodiversity.

It’s a bank of knowledge that can greatly improve the way we manage our precious resources and this video gives a flavour of the vast range of work undertaken by the specialist institutes that make up Knowledge Scotland.

External videos

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