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The purpose of this film is to explore a range of 'on the ground' perspectives of outdoor access with dogs, as experienced in the Cairngorms National Park. The aim is to stimulate debate and encourage mutual understanding between different viewpoints, including dog walkers, recreational users, land managers, access professionals and policymakers.

The film was made as a collaborative project between the Cairngorms Local Outdoor Access Forum and the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute.

'Dogs and Outdoor Access' discusses the benefits of taking dogs into the outdoors, identifies some of the challenges involved in putting 'responsible' access into practice in different situations, and highlights various ideas for managing these issues.

This page runs the full 12 minute video.

Produced, directed & edited by: Katrina Brown, Nic Bullivant, Rachel Dilley & Keith Marshall

Completion Date: February 2010

Copyright © by Cairngorms LOAF and MLURI. All rights reserved.


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