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The work we do has important implications for the conservation of a wide range of life forms both within the aquatic and in terrestrial environments.

Our research is aimed at informing ways of improving the quality and supply of water, and how to recover and repair ecosystems that have already been damaged. Information can be provided in the form of primary data on for example soil and water quality, or through the creation of models which enable improved understanding of the relationships between land management, soil and water.

Examples of some of these information products can be found by following the links below:

HOST (Hydrology of Soil Types) - a model that uses the distribution of soils to predict river flow levels in ungauged catchments. HOST can also be used in predictions of water quality, land suitability and environmental assessments.

As part of the Private Water Supplies Regulations, this Technical Manual, was produced with the help of the Institute.

Other relevant examples


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